Organ Harvesting Allegation: Ekwerenmadu’s Daughter Sends SOS For Kidney Donation

Former DSP Daughter Appeal for kidney..

Ailing daughter of the Former Deputy president of the Nigerian senate, Ike Ekweremadu, Sonia has appealed to the general public for donation of kidney to save her life.

Sonia, 25 and a graduate of media communications in university of Coventry made the appeal on her social media handle on Monday, saying her rare kidney disease had compelled her to drop out of her post graduate studies at the Newcastle in 2019.

The serving senator’s daughter said she was diagnosed with The rare kidney disease known as Nephrotic syndrome and her family had taken her to several hospitals for treatment to save her life but the efforts appear to hit brick wall thereby calling for the need of a healthy kidney from a Donor.

Sonia further explained that she receives 5 Hours of dialysis 3-4 times a week in London as she is not qualified for National health scheme due to immigration status as the 3 years have been extremely challenging for her and her family especially with The charges being faced by her parents in London presently which have complicated matter for her current situation.

She said that Anyone that wants to be her donor shoukd send an email to with their details, noting that under the laws of England and Wales, organ donation must be purely driven by compassion and therefore no reward is involved.

The move to save Sonia’s life had led to the arrests of senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice in June by the London metropolitan police in the United Kingdom over alleged organ harvest involving a 21 year old Nigerian Donor, David Nwamini with a view of harvesting his organ but his wife was granted bail on July 22 after appearing before the magistrate court.

In August, The Central Criminal Court in the United Kingdom has adjourned the case to October 31st
For a hearing of pretrial applications but the trial will commence fully on May 2, 2023.