COEASU Backs TETFund. Says Detractors Will Fall.

Colleges of education academic staff union( COEASU) is asking the executive secretary of Tertiary Education Trust Fund, TETFUND, Arch. Sonny Echono and management to remain focused by ignoring distractions.

Dr. Smart Olugbeko, COEASU President in a press release about plot by some faceless groups to malign the managers of TETFUND, said the Fund cannot be allowed to be distracted at this time.

Find release below:


We received the news with great consternation and concern that certain individuals and groups are plotting to disrupt the activities of TETFund and malign its leadership. It beats all sensibilities that anyone anywhere could be so mean as to be bent on smearing the image of the Fund and its management, especially the Executive Secretary (ES), Arc. Sonny Echono, despite the giant strides and impactful efforts of TETFund which should earn it ceaseless accolades from beneficiaries and stakeholders. We condemn such malicious mission in the strongest terms and declare that the evil machinations of detractors shall fail!

TETFund has remained the only succour for unbridled development in our public tertiary institutions providing strategic infrastructure, robust staff development and unprecedented culture of research. We are impressed and totally satisfied by the recent reforms and innovations introduced by the Management of  TETFund under the leadership of Arc. Sonny Echono towards increased impact and more efficient service delivery. Under the present Executive Secretary, the Fund has not only preserved the great legacies of past administrations but has surpassed them and improved significantly through progressive innovations and transparent commitment to due process. Our Union and other likeminded stakeholders hold TETFund in the highest esteem and bear first-hand testimony to TETFund’s honest and diligent adherence to laid down regulations in the discharge of its mandate to beneficiary institutions. TETFund is a product of unions’ agitations; therefore, all the academic staff unions in tertiary institutions keep an eagle eye on its activities and do constantly interact with the leadership of the Fund.  We made bold to say that TETFund is one of the few agencies of government in Nigeria that are discharging their mandates diligently. Colleges of Education have benefitted immensely from the activities of the Fund; our colleges would have suffered terribly without the intervention of TETFund.

Stakeholders like Colleges of Education Academic Staff Union (COEASU) that rate the Fund high in performance and integrity far outnumber ungrateful enemies of progress. We therefore encourage the Fund and its leadership to remain focused and undeterred by any campaign of calumny from the quarters of those who expect undeserved patronage.

We enjoin all Governmental authorities and the entire members of the public not  to be swayed by such image smearing and malicious petitions against an agency that is doing very well,  as such acrimonious campaigns stem from their failure to have their way for personal gains against the rules.